Kassman Law Offices

Kassman Law Offices

We have handled numerous criminal cases in Suffolk County and Central Islip. Since 2001, our legal team has been working to protect those who have been gone through very severe criminal cases specially in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Central Islip.The criminal lawyers at our office have over 15 years of combined experience. We believe that our experience can make a huge difference in the outcome of peoples cases. It distinguishes our law firm from the others, and build our reputation as a professional advocate for my clients who offers honest and well reasoned legal advices.

Kassman Law Offices
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Kassman Law Offices


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Mark and QCR Technologies greatly exceeded our expectations for developing a reasonably priced website. I found Mark to be very professional and easy to work with. His punctuality, communication skills, and patient explanations of website design terminology and concepts made the process a very positive experience for us.

Shawn R Kassman


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