Return or Refund Policy

1. General Provisions.

QCR Technologies, LLC provides marketing services as outlined in the Agreement. Given the nature of these services, returns or refunds operate differently than tangible products.

2. Service Satisfaction.

If the Client is not satisfied with the services provided by QCR Technologies, LLC, they are encouraged to communicate concerns immediately to the Company via the support contact provided. The Company will make reasonable efforts to address and rectify any justified concerns.

3. No Refunds for Completed Work.

Payments made for services rendered by QCR Technologies, LLC are non-refundable. This includes setup fees, monthly fees, or any other charges outlined in the Agreement. Once a service has been delivered or work has commenced on a task, the Client is liable for the full payment.

4. Prepaid Services.

In the event that the Client has prepaid for services that have not yet been rendered and wish to cancel the Agreement (as per clause 4, Client Cancellation), any unused portion of the prepaid amount will be refunded, after deducting fees for the work that has been initiated or completed.

5. No Refunds for Ad Costs.

As stated in clause 3, the Company is not responsible for advertising budget outcomes, and any costs associated with ads or third-party platforms are not subject to refunds. The Client bears all liability for ad costs.

6. Exceptional Circumstances.

Refunds or compensations outside of these provisions are at the discretion of QCR Technologies, LLC and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

7. Requesting Refunds.

To request a refund for prepaid services not rendered, the Client must submit a written request to the provided email address. The request will be processed within 30 days from its receipt.

8. Conclusion.

This Return or Refund Policy is an integral part of the Agreement, and by entering into an Agreement with QCR Technologies, LLC, the Client acknowledges and agrees to this policy.

By integrating this Return or Refund Policy into the Terms and Conditions, clients will have a clear understanding of their rights regarding refunds, ensuring transparency in all business dealings.