Terms and Conditions for Marketing Services

QCR Technologies, LLC
Support: (877) 495-0760
Email: i[email protected]
Address: 29 Adams St, Isline, NJ, 08830

1. Definitions.

“Agreement” refers to any signed contract, service document, or other binding commitment referencing these Terms and Conditions. “QCR Technologies, LLC” or “Company” means QCR Technologies, LLC. “Client” refers to an entity that has entered into an Agreement with QCR Technologies, LLC.

2. Independent Contractor.

Client is engaging QCR Technologies, LLC as an independent contractor for the specific tasks detailed in the Agreement.

3. Warranty.

QCR Technologies, LLC offers no assurances regarding outcomes such as specific sales numbers, website traffic, or search engine rankings. The Company explicitly disclaims all implied or explicit guarantees and warranties. Algorithm changes, manual search engine actions, or other unexpected factors can affect marketing results. The Company is not responsible for advertising budget outcomes, and liability for ad costs lies solely with the Client.

4. Client Cancellation.

The Client has the option to end this Agreement without incurring a cancellation fee, but must provide QCR Technologies with a 30-day prior written notice and clear any pending invoices. Without termination, services will renew annually based on the current rates and conditions.

5. Changes in Fees and Plans.

QCR Technologies, LLC reserves the right to annually adjust service packages, pricing, and rates. These changes will apply from the first day of renewed service terms unless otherwise agreed.

6. Payment of Fees.
Prompt payment is required. Down payments initiate projects, with subsequent payments due upon receipt. Delinquent accounts after sixty (60) days accrue an additional 5% penalty per month. In case of non-payment, QCR Technologies, LLC can withhold or remove any delivered work from online visibility.

7. QCR Technologies, LLC Cancellation.
The Company may terminate services at its discretion, providing written notice with termination effective at the end of the month in which notice is given. The Client agrees to fulfill all payments for work completed during this period.

8. Venue.
All matters related to this Agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of New Jersey United States.

9. Applicable Law.
This Agreement will be governed by the laws of New Jersey.

10. Communications.
Calls or web meetings may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance. Participation implies consent.

11. Future Services.
Subsequent services rendered to the Client will be subject to this Agreement unless a new one is established.

12. Modification.
QCR Technologies, LLC may amend these terms at its discretion. Continued use signifies consent to any changes.

13. Assignment.
The Client cannot transfer this Agreement or any rights and obligations hereunder.

14. Authorization.
Digital or physical agreement to these terms signifies understanding and consent.

15. Master Terms and Conditions.
This Agreement, combined with any master terms and conditions, forms the entire agreement between the parties.