Are you a website owner who is struggling the best to improve your website speed but couldn’t  do so because of a lack of knowledge about it? Are you wondering what will be the method that you can use for increasing your website speed that was stuck at its place for quite a long period? We know that website speed is important for you and you can not compromise its ceased state. It is your right to take every possible step for the betterment and progress of your site and if you strive for web speed you are using your right. 

It may not have been a significant thing to notice in the past but now the performance and speed of the website have its importance more than ever. A lot of people find it difficult to improve their site speed and that is a disappointing state for them. We do not want you to face any such circumstances and that is why we will discuss the effective and practical ways and methods in this article that you can use for achieving your target.

What Is Website Speed?

Website speed is the speed of a website’s performance and how much time it takes in its response, loading, and other functions. It may seem to be an easily tackling task but this is not as simple as it looks. The website nowadays should have a good site speed for giving a good and valuable user experience to its viewers.

Why Does Website Speed Matter?

There was a time when website speed did not have so much importance for the viewers. But those days are no longer in our lives. With the advancement of technology and with the passage of time, people have become more impatient and passionate to get their desired results as fast as possible. It won’t work for you if your site takes too long to load its pages or does not give quick access to its users. Now no site user is interested in wasting his time waiting for your website to download and then use it. They do have a lot of other options that they can go for if they do not get their answers or search from you within a few seconds.

If your performance and site speed do not prove themselves as responsive within a couple of seconds, it will divert the direction of your viewers from your site to that of your competitor’s just because of your negligence in website speed. Moreover, Google also has introduced a new strategy of their ranking that the site with faster and better website speed is more likely to get highly ranked. It shows that the website speed will have a role in the ranking of the site and page.

Improved website speed is important to satisfy Google strategies and the users as well. It makes your site convenient for the users and they get a better experience with your site. It will increase the chances of site users to become your potential customers if you are branding your product or service.

5 Effective Ways For Improving Your Site Speed

As it has a lot of significance and matters to a great extent in the performance of a site, many website owners stay concerned about knowing the ways that they can use for effectively improving their site speed. Here, we want to solve their issue and add convenience to their journey by letting them know about the five best and effective ways of improving site speed. Have a look at them to get a better understanding.

1.       Selection of a good hosting plan

A good selection of hosting plans is the foremost priority. If you will have reliable, solid, dependable, and high-quality hardware, it will surely help you to overcome any sluggish issues in your site.

2.       Image Optimization

The image size can also decrease the speed of the site as it will take much longer for the content to get loaded. Optimizing your images and adjusting their sizes will help you get rid of these inconveniences.

3.       Allowing Catching

Allowing catch will help you a lot in improving the performance and speed of the site by already keeping the files processed so that it can save your servers from overloading and your user from waiting for the loading, etc.

4.       Minifying CSS, HTML, etc.

When you will minify these details, it will reduce the loading time of your site because of the absence of unnecessary line breaks, gaps, texts, etc.

5.       Using Content Delivery Networks

Using CDN can play an effective role in improving the speed of the site as it helps in restoring the files and reducing the time taken by the loading for the users in different distant regions of the world.